New blogger in North West #casualsunited #edl

Tasha will be blogging from the North West mainly on issues affecting that region but also nationwide stories. Please register with her new blog which is under construction so bear with it. Forget Facebook, blogging is the way forward people. NFSE


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#Bristol social arranged #casualsunited

Casuals and other groups will be holding a social day in #Bristol in the next few weeks to discuss a series of flash demos regarding 1. The police releasing pictures of EDL demonstrators who were simply defending themselves from a massive onslaught of stone and egg throwers, while FAILING TO release pictures of the Antifa who went on the rampage that day. They are only interested in arresting patriots and that is unacceptable. 2. We need to protest against the Labour party, and Marvin Rees in particular, who actively promoted the UAF/Antifa counter which they KNEW and were WARNED would turn to violence. Elected representatives supporting extreme left wing subversive organisations and helping them riot on our streets? Not on our shift. If he resigns we will call this off, otherwise we will target Labour for flash demos. Date and venue details going out by text later or speak to Becki, Suzy or me.



EDL in Bristol: Group expects trouble from ‘idiotic

communist types’

The English Defence League has attacked the Labour Party for supporting “rent-a-mobs” in advance of the group’s march in Bristol tomorrow

Friday July 13, 2012

The English Defence League (EDL) has attacked the Labour Party for supporting “rent-a-mobs” in advance of the group’s march in Bristol tomorrow.

A spokesman for the EDL told Bristol24-7 the group was expecting trouble from “idiotic communist types” who wanted to provoke a violent confrontation.

But in responding to the condemnation from Bristol’s two Labour MPs and the party’s candidate for mayor yesterday, the spokesman said Labour has “sold out its English constituents”, adding the group had no interest in what the party said.

Barriers are already in place for the EDL march yesterday, which will begin at Redcliffe Wharf before ending in Queen Square.

Up to 1,000 police officers are due to take to the streets to prevent a confrontation between the EDL and a counter-demonstration of anti-fascist groups, unions and community organisations.

He said he was confident the police could handle the situation, adding both the police and Bristol City Council had been “very accommodating”.

Speaking after Bristol24-7 reported the Labour Party’s condemnation of the march, he told us: “We expected something like this to come from Labour. They [Labour] have sold out their English constituents and forgotten them. We are not interested in what they have to say. It’s their fault the country is the way it is. Let them bury their heads in the sand. All we do is raise awareness about radical islam, and are attacked by Labour-funded rent-a-mobs.

“We are saddened by the counter-demonstration. Normal do-gooding folks are sucked in by violent groups who want to antagonise and provoke a reaction out of us, so they an say to the public ‘we told you so, look at the violent thugs’.

“We expect some resistence but nothing the local constabulary won’t be able to handle. We encourage our supporters to not rise to the silly chants of “waycist” from idiotic communist types.

Asked what he hoped the EDL was hoping to achieve with its march, Mr Witter said he wanted to highlight the issue of a “new kind of homopobia which has swept up and down our country”, in reference to the case of five Muslim men from Derby who went on trial earlier this year for allegedly handing out leaflets calling for gay people to be killed.

“We particularly would like to extend hands of friendship to the LGBT community, because they are experiencing a new kind of hate,” he added.

The comments came after Dawn Primarolo (Bristol South), Kerry McCarthy (Bristol East) and Marvin Rees said yesterday there was “no place for the EDL in Bristol”.

In a joint statement this week, the Labour group said: “We reject entirely the aims, philosophy and method of the EDL. At a time when decent people from all backgrounds are working together to improve their communities, the EDL seeks to cause division, fear and hatred.

“On July 14, thousands of Bristol residents will be celebrating the Bristol we know – a proud and welcoming city that celebrates our differences and rejects totally any attempts to divide us. Bristol is much stronger than a motley collection of EDL members, bussed in from far-flung corners of the country.

“By Saturday evening, the EDL will have left Bristol. They will find little support for their dangerous views and we hope, and expect, that they will never return.”

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#Oxford Muslim grooming gang nicked – Well done Casuals

Nine men accused of being involved in a child sex ring in Oxford are set to appear at London’s Old Bailey today.

The group, arrested as part of Operation Bullfinch which saw raids across the city in March, are expected to enter pleas. All the men are in custody. They are Kamar Jamil, 27, of Aldrich Road, Summertown; Mohammed Karrar, 38, of Cowley Road, East Oxford; Bassan Karrar, 33, of no fixed address; Akhtar Dogar, 31, of Tawney Street, East Oxford; Zeshan Ahmed, 27, of Palmer Road, Wood Farm; Bilal Ahmed, 25, of Maidenhead; Mohammed Hussain, 24, of Horspath Road, Cowley; Assad Hussain, 31, of Ashurst Way, Rose Hill, and Anjun Dogar, 30, of Tawney Street, East Oxford.

Well done Casuals and other patriots. The Charlene demos brought this issue to the worlds attention and now police are rounding these gangs up. Please dont arrange demos at these court cases. We cannot risk prejudicing these trials.We realise people are angry but at least the police are now doing their job and its partly down to us and our pressure groups. Give yourselves a pat on the back.



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New #Northampton Casuals United blog #edl

New blog for Northampton Casuals


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Support Margaret Walker this Friday at #Fareham Magistrates court #portsmouth

Margaret Walker is back in court this Friday at Fareham Magistrates Court at 9am as the State seeks to censor pensioners from raising awareness about politically incorrect issues.

At the initial hearing we had around 30 demonstrators from various patriotic groups who put ideological differences aside on the day to come together in support of a disabled 73 year old lady who dared to question the political elite about the handling of the grooming cases and that of Charlene Downes in particular. Charlene’s Mum, Karen, made the trip down from Blackpool in support of Margaret which was really touching.

The Pompey/Saints rivalry is a particularly nasty one, but these differences were put on hold in defence of the core belief in freedom of speech and the right to hold our democratically elected representatives accountable for their actions.



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#Antifa went looking for violence and bit off more than they could chew (reblogged) #edl #bristol

Click links below to see videos of them biting off more than they could chew, bunch of Timothies lol

Holly xx

Wind this one on to 5:08

We go to peacefully demonstrate but you attack us and you will be sorry. Simples

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Commies admitting they FAILED to stop the #EDL in #Bristol lol

Why did we fail to stop the EDL

category bristol | protests | opinion/analysis author Monday July 16, 2012 13:37author by Billauthor email william.parsons at gmail dot comReport this post to the editors



The EDL came to Bristol this weekend and despite much bravado and keyboard bravery the reality is they were able to march through the town down the roads they chose pretty much without hindrence.  Why did we fail to stop them ?

Some reports talk of “2000 protestors on the streets”  which is of course rubbish. less than a 1000 Bristol peeps thought it worthwhile to try and stop a Nazi organisation walking their streets, why the apathy, why the indiference ?

Is it because Bristolians support the EDL ? – No of course not, the reality is that like in most of the country the EDL is ignored and ridiculed however regretfully so is the political Left and the Anarchist movement, our appeals are largely ignored in the same way that the EDL is ignored.

Are we in danger of being two fleas fighting over who owns the dog ?

Where do we go from here ?


There will be a meeting at the Quaker House in Wilson St on Saturday evening to discuss lessons learnt and to plan for the future – 7pm all welcome.

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